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Sara Chambers Privy Clear Team

Co-founder, Director of Creative Development

Hi, I'm Sara! I handle the majority of graphic design. My mission is to breathe life into your brand and amplify your message to cut through the clutter in the digital world.


I graduated from Tennessee Tech with my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. I was diagnosed with Dyslexia when I was younger and I believe it has only fueled my imagination and innovative thinking. Getting creative and thinking outside of the box has always come naturally to me! I love working with small businesses and using my creative power to amplify their brand.

Hannah Istvanko Privy Clear team
Co-founder, Director of Brand Strategy

Hey there, I'm Hannah! I immerse myself in your brand, its core values, and goals. From there, I craft a comprehensive strategy that will guide your campaigns to success.


I'm a proud graduate of Tennessee Tech, where I earned my Bachelor's Degree in History. My background in history brings a unique storytelling aspect to my strategizing, allowing me to create compelling and memorable campaigns for our clients.


When I'm not busy brainstorming ideas, I'm busy being a mom to my 9-month-old daughter. She's my biggest inspiration and motivates me to work hard and make a difference in the world of advertising.

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Focus on the client and all else will follow.

We cannot succeed without our client’s success.


Strive to be unfettered by conventionality.

We embrace innovation, creativity, and taking risks to deliver a fresh, impactful product that breaks through the noise.


Create an experience beyond mere service.

Our approach involves immersing ourselves in the ethos of each brand to create a personalized strategy that resembles the work of an in-house team rather than an external agency.


You can never run out of information to learn.

Learning is a lifelong journey. In an industry rapidly evolving, it’s imperative to always seek new information and stay curious.

Our Core Values

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