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Facebook Ads Tune Up

Do you have an ad account but feel like it could be performing better?


Are you working with an agency but want a second opinion to confirm your suspicion that things aren't quite up to par?


Are you running your own ads but aren't happy with the results?


Well, you're in luck! We do a deep dive into your Facebook Ads account, do a complete audit, and implement optimizations to increase performance.

Oh, and this includes a tune-up of your Google Search Ads. ☺️

Facebook Ads Manager
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The Process

Facebook Ads Tune Up


After you contact us, we will send you a more in-depth questionnaire to learn about what makes your business different and determine what we need to focus on when we get to work.

Facebook & Google Accounts

We get your ad accounts linked up to ours.

The Audit

Within two weeks of getting access to your ad accounts, a video audit will land in your inbox detailing our exact recommendations on how to make your ad account bigger, better, and – most importantly – more profitable.

The Implementation

After you approve, we implement the optimizations. 

Facebook Ad Management

Here are just some of the things we tackle during the Audit and Tune-Up process:

Tech issues
It's common for us to find a tech issue during the audit process, and it usually has to do with conversion tracking.


Demographic breakdown
We dive deep into your advertising data and break down your demographic.

Account structure
Recommendations on whether your current campaign structure is working for you, and if it’s not, what we suggest instead.

Optimization opportunities
Tips to optimize your existing performance, reduce wasted ad spend, and improve your conversion metrics.

Who this is for...

  • Small businesses looking to improve the performance of their existing Facebook ads.


  • Businesses with small marketing departments that lack the time or expertise to create optimized Facebook ad campaigns, but have ran ads in the past.


  • Companies seeking to maximize the effectiveness of their digital advertising with expert guidance.

  • Businesses that have previously run Facebook and Google Search ad campaigns, but have experienced underwhelming results.


  • Companies looking for data-driven insights and strategies to enhance the performance of their Facebook ads and Google Search ads.

Who this is NOT for...

New and existing businesses that have never advertised on Facebook and/or Google before. We like to have a lot of juicy data to sink our teeth into.

If you have never advertised on Facebook and want to DIY manage your own ads, we recommend our VIP Build + Tech Setup Package.

What you get

You’ll receive a thorough review of your Facebook and Google Ads account plus a video report detailing our tips, findings, and recommendations. With your approval, we implement our recommendations and make sure everything is connected and talking the way it should.

This does not include creative development, but we can add that!

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