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Facebook Ads VIP Build and Tech Set Up

Want to jump our client management waitlist and get a massive dose of Facebook Ads strategy, optimization, and training?

Our VIP Package where you get 8 hours of our Facebook Ads expertise optimizing your account PLUS 3 x 30-minute strategy sessions to coach you on how to manage the account moving forward.

This is the perfect hybrid approach between outsourcing and DIYing your ads management.

We will dedicate 8 hours of our time, split over two consecutive days, working our magic inside your account.

Facebook Advertising in Cookeville Tennessee

*We only offer a tech setup for certain sites. Please specify where your website is hosted in the consultation.

Who is this for?

  • New or existing businesses that have never advertised on Facebook before and want to DIY manage their own ads

  • Companies with small marketing departments that are not familiar with Facebook ads and need one-on-one support to build and manage optimized Facebook Ads campaigns

  • Facebook accounts that aren’t ready for ongoing account management but need a big hit of expert optimization

  • This is for you if you’re in that limbo space between outsourcing your ads and DIY-ing it

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Here's what you get

Facebook Ads VIP Build

+ Tech Setup

30 Minute Intro Call

We dive deep into your brand and discuss your priorities, goals, and strategy.

This is how we determine what to focus the next 8 hours on.

We get to work

8 hours of Facebook Ads expert time is dedicated to your Facebook Ads account over two business days.

And now the part we love the most- we use our Facebook Ads expertise to employ all the advanced strategies and techniques we typically reserve for our private clients during onboarding. Think like... building new campaigns, retargeting past website visitors, creating custom audiences. You name it.

All those tasks you've always wanted to tackle but lacked the knowledge or time for – we handle them for you.

30 Minute Wrap Up Call

We'll go over all of the changes we implemented and will teach you how to handle the account moving forward.

30 Minute Check-In Session

We will check in around a month after the work has finished so you can troubleshoot any issues that have popped up, or get some additional support on optimizing the account.

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