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The rise of the Stanley tumbler: How a 110-year-old brand achieved viral success

In 1913, William Stanley invented the steel vacuum-sealed bottle—a true game-changer. Throughout its history, the brand primarily targeted workmen and outdoor enthusiasts with its marketing efforts. However, in recent years, a remarkable shift has taken place.

If you visit the brand's website today, you'll find women enjoying their morning coffee, individuals practicing yoga, and friends strolling along while holding their cherished Stanley drinkware. How did this transformation happen?

Believe it or not, it was not the result of a strategic decision by the company itself, but rather the passion and influence of three remarkable women—Linley Hutchinson, Ashlee LeSueur, and Taylor Cannon. These inspiring individuals, founders of The Buy Guide—an online shopping blog and Instagram account—were early devotees of the Stanley Quencher.

Upon hearing a rumor that the Quencher was going to be discontinued, they took matters into their own hands. They rallied their followers, urging them to grab a Quencher while they still could. Little did they know just how powerful their message would become.

The viral video caught the attention of Stanley executives who had never tried influencer marketing before. They approached The Buyers Guide, instructing them to purchase 10,000 Stanely Quenchers at wholesale prices and resell them. The Buyers Guide, taking a leap of faith, quickly set up a website, secured a warehouse, and mastered the art of fulfilling orders.

The response was astounding. The first 5,000 cups sold out in just four days, while the remaining 5,000 disappeared within one hour. The success was undeniable.

Impressed by the impact The Buyers Guide had made, Stanley executives arranged a meeting and flew them out to Colorado.

These women were not just advocates for the Quencher; they were visionary partners who saw the potential for the Stanley brand to reach new heights. For over a century, Stanley had been marketed as an occasional-use cup—a companion for outdoor expeditions. The Buyers Guide aimed to change that perception. They envisioned the Quencher becoming an essential part of people's everyday lives.

The Buyers Guide played a significant role in introducing the brand to the vast universe of affiliate marketing, re-launching the Quencher with full force. They focused on women between the of ages 25 and 50 because that was the main audience of The Buyer's Guide's Instagram following. And it worked.

Now, consumers don't simply buy Stanley's Quencher tumblers; they build collections, showcasing a rainbow of colors in their cabinets. Each new colorway or limited-edition drop sparks excitement and drives fans to quickly snap up these coveted items.

The appeal of Stanley's Quencher extends beyond just the product's exceptional performance. It's about how it looks and, more importantly, how it makes customers feel when they use it.

Incredible growth is evident this year, with Stanley experiencing a staggering 275% increase in Quencher sales compared to the previous year. The brand's best-selling category, hydration, has also seen an impressive 215% surge. It's a testament to the power of collaboration, passion, and understanding the desires of our valued customers.


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